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From a fantasy vision to a powerful marketing tool – Augmented and Virtual Realities are the new tech revolution of this era. Helix Media Works is supporting progressive organisations to integrate augmented and virtual realities into the projects to propel growth and efficiency in the Healthcare, Industrial, education and brand marketing plans.


VR deliver truly effective training for trainees thru Virtual Training platform, this results in improved learning retention. VR education are getting even more inextricably bound up with each other day after day. Multiple industries and other agencies alike are sensing the potential of Virtual Reality for training employees as the fastest, easiest, safest and cost effective way.


Interactive Simulation for training makes the entire process much easier to implement while providing safer, risk-free learning environments. Application of simulations which produce a dynamic display of the system model, and allow the user to interact with the running simulation.we can define various types of input-output devices in systems based on actual requirements.


Virtual Reality has the potential to disrupt a broad across of industries. The entertainment industry is no exception. it has started to implement Virtual Reality entertainment solutions wherever possible and plans to use their benefits to the fullest. Theaters, cinemas, art galleries, and various music and sports show organizers started adopting Virtual Reality.